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Mathematics Department

Graduate Program

Eberly College of Science Mathematics Department

GTA Training Process

The Mathematics Department was one of the first departments at Penn State to develop a comprehensive training program for Graduate Teaching Assistants.

Every new GTA must participate in the Incoming GTA Training Program. International GTAs will be assessed for English proficiency and offered additional instruction in English if needed.

The Teaching Seminar series brings in outside speakers to give their advice and opinions about college-level teaching.

During the first year of teaching, each graduate assistant is observed several times by a first year mentor. After the first year, the GTA Committee assigns a faculty mentor to each student. Another responsibility of this committee is to select recipients for several Teaching Awards given each year.

All GTAs are encouraged to complete the requirements for the Teaching Associate certificate, which recognizes successful, professional teaching. The Teaching with Technology Certificate is awarded by the Penn State Graduate School; this certificate recognizes demonstrated ability to implement technological methods in collegiate teaching.