Frequently asked questions:

I've been accepted into MASS, now what do I do??

Housing [ ]

The MASS Program pays for your housing and meal plan, but you will need to access the housing web site to log onto Friends of Penn State, Please see the letter and follow instructions from our housing department.

Penn State's Housing and Food Services Department received information from the MASS Program that you will be attending Penn State this Fall and may be interested in living on campus. To accept a housing contract for on campus living, you must have a Friends of Penn State account (FPS).

To create your Friends of Penn State account, log on to: and follow the simple instructions. Once you create this account, please respond to this email providing me with your access ID. (It will be three letters and usually four numbers such as abc5234. Do not send me the password you create!) Upon receipt of the information, I will offer you a housing contract online.

Vaccination forms - All Penn State students residing in University-owned housing, including all residence halls and apartments, are required by state law to complete a Meningococcal Vaccination Certification form and file it with the University Park Assignment Office or with Housing and Food Services at Commonwealth locations. [ ]

Housing check list: what to bring …

Financial Aid

Penn State's Federal School Code is 003329. Other question about financial aid you may find at this web site:

The MASS Program does bring MASS students in at the in-state rate and we will add the tuition waiver to your student account, close to the beginning of the Fall semester. It will be your job to pay the amount sent in a letter from the MASS Program. You can do this once you have received your PSU ID card and have gone to a signature station and signed in.


Because you are new to this campus you cannot pay your bill through eLion. To complete your registration and pay your tuition amount please see the bursar in 103 Shields Building when you arrive.


Traveling by bus, car or plane…please receive help from these websites: Our University airport is called, University Park airport, code SCE or flight information for Pennsylvania

Parking on Campus

If you are driving to campus or bringing your bicycle, please see the following web site for registration information

Health Insurance


Except for students covered by one of the Penn State Student Health Insurance Plans or students who have one of the prescription cards accepted by our Pharmacy, UHS does not have contracts for direct payment with any health insurance companies for clinic or ancillary services and it does not direct bill insurance companies.

We regret any inconvenience this policy may cause for students and parents. However, because UHS treats students from all over the United States and the world, there would need to be contracts with hundreds of insurance companies. The costs of dealing with so many insurance providers and processing thousands of insurance claims would drive up the current discounted rate for all UHS services. Therefore, you are responsible for paying all bills you incur for clinic visits, lab, X-ray, physical therapy, and ambulance service.

However, you can submit the receipt for these services to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. You should find out ahead of time if your insurance will cover all or part of your care at UHS, as there may be restrictions on primary care outside of the insurance company's network. You should arrange for the health insurance company to pay you for the service since the Penn State Bursar will not accept checks from insurance companies.

Health insurance is strongly recommended for all students. If your current insurance policy does not cover their care at UHS, you should consider purchasing student health insurance through Penn State. [more information]

Costs you are responsible that are charged to your student account during the fall semester:

If you have any other questions or concerns   please contact Stephanie Zerby
          Phone:  (814) 863-8730
          Office:  107 McAllister Building, University Park, PA 16802